To New Beginnings of Our Year of The Snake in the Lives of Surfing

  Pictures speak so much more than words to you and I.   So I thought it would be extra special for you & all of us, for You to post pictures here on my blog of your 2013 New Years experiences in the Ocean or out, resolutions, doesn’t have to be surfing, or could […]

Stand-Up Paddle Surfing

Duke Kahanamoku Ocean Fest, Hawaii, Waikiki by Nancy Emerson The Ladies Surf in Style in this year’s Duke Kahanamoku OceanFest Stand-Up Paddle Surfing held August 22nd and 23rd at Queens surf spot in Waikiki. C4 Waterman, Honolua Surf and Blue Planet hosted the Stand-Up events for the men, children (juniors) and women. The sport has […]

The Melanie Bartels Story

Interview with Melanie, sponsor Hawaiian Princess Kawaananakoa & competition update Hawaiian Princess Supports ASP Women’s World Tour Surfer Melanie Bartels to make a huge statement and win’s 2nd place in the 2009 Roxy Pro at Snappers Rocks, Australia. Going back to last year, WCT professional pro surfer Melanie Bartels was having a struggle financially to […]