Learn To Surf Hawaii

Is there anything better than being able to learn to surf Hawaii’an style! Aloha Surf Clinics and Nancy Emerson School of Surfing are Hawaii’s longest running learn to surf clinics. We have very experienced surf instructors on Oahu, and our famous ‘learn to surf in 1 lesson’ technique is the reason why so many people […]

New Surfing Technique Project “Surf Torch” For Surfers & Traveling Surfers

New Surfing Technique Project “Surf Torch” For Surfers & Traveling Surfers

Have you ever had questions come to mind out Surfing after riding a wave, or after a surf session & you wished you knew at that second what you should have done?  Or what you can do next time.  And you want to keep your focus with the Flow moving faster, thinking of refining your […]

Have you ever watched a professional surfing event? Did you know watching can improve your surfing?

Watching a professional surfing event live or on-line this can help you with your free surfing sessions There is a reason why we prepare and how you prepare to go for your free surf, so you can enjoy your time in the ocean catching fun waves, rather than being frustrated. Take some time before you […]


Hi! Friends & Surfers ALOHA! Life has changed so much since I grew up in Malibu/Pacific Palisades California & Waikiki, Makaha Oahu.  We all respected our elders and everyone in the ocean.  Manners extended from the land directly all the time right out into the line up.  Do you remember this surfers from then? The […]

INTERVIEW W/ Singer Songwriter Surfer and Actress Suzy Skarulis

            “Musically, Suzy Skarulis has been compared to iconic legends such as Janis Joplin and Jodi Mitchell to modern day likes of Adele, Zoe DeChanel, Amy   Winehouse, and KT Tunstall.”  And  Suzy Surfs and has so much Joy for the Ocean! Hi! Suzy,  Where did you start surfing and […]

Thinking About Your Next Surfing Holiday? Stay In Shape 4 Your Surfing

        Aloha! Surfers and supporters reading my Blog, Thank You for your patience for hangin in there while my writers block was stuck, because I was surfing so much @ my beautiful home in Oahu & Maui, Hawaii. Many of you are enjoying going surfing, but would like to improve on your […]

To New Beginnings of Our Year of The Snake in the Lives of Surfing

  Pictures speak so much more than words to you and I.   So I thought it would be extra special for you & all of us, for You to post pictures here on my blog of your 2013 New Years experiences in the Ocean or out, resolutions, doesn’t have to be surfing, or could […]

When you missed getting a good Foundation with your Surfing

When you missed getting a good Foundation with your Surfing

When working with experienced surfers and surfers which are self taught and didn’t get an excellent foundation in your surfing, you miss a lot in your skills to keep progressing forward naturally.  Do you ever feel like you are reaching bumps in your surfing?  If so, You should try… 1.)  Relaxing your body by breathing and […]

What Has Surfer Girl Nancy Emerson been up to?

What Has Surfer Girl Nancy Emerson been up to?

Aloha! Surfers, Standup Paddlers, Body Surfers and Body Boarders… Surfer Girl Nancy Emerson is back in Hawaii and just in time for The Best and Biggest South Swell of the whole year and late in the season.  It was really sweet as Nancy got to ride waves with her student from California out at Ala […]